Dream On!

Ari loves three things most in his life - food, his bed and his mama :) (Daddy comes fourth, but don’t tell him that ;)) Ari loves dreaming about pizza and his future travel adventures, may be that’s why he sleeps for hours every day. So, I always make sure that his bed is soft and cozy since that’s his happy place. So, I was quite excited when The Company Store approached me try out one of their dog beds for Ari. I picked out their Jordan Plaid Round Canvas bed, its donut shape is perfect for Ari since he loves to curl and sleep. I also wanted something for Ari to sleep on when we travel, so I chose their LaCrosse® Pet Sleeping Bag, which is light and portable but cozy at the same time.

As you can tell from the photos, the bed was an instant hit. Ari got in, took a few circles and curled right into it. He loves to tuck his paws underneath him and rest his chin on something higher when he sleeps. This dog bed was perfect for both. What stood out for me was the fact that the bed is plush and very well made . From a design perspective, checks are timeless and work well with most kind of home decor. This bed is also a hit from a functionality point of view since the 100% cotton canvas bed cover is removable and machine washable. This makes life so much easier for me. So all in all both puggy and mama are both very happy with the new bed :)

The sleeping bag was definitely something I had never tried before, but I am probably always going to have one from now on. Ari loved it since its super soft from inside because of the faux sherpa lining. I would love to sleep in it myself, its that soft! This bag is definitely very handy for traveling, easy to pack and lightweight. As you guys know, we do travel quite a bit with Ari so definitely going to get a lot of use out of it. Apart from this, I also found another amazing use for this sleeping bag. So, most of us are all probably guilty of letting our dogs sleep in our own bed at some point or the other. Ari loves to do that especially when its cold in winter, he loves to get inside the comforter and sleep near our feet. But, he keeps going over and under the comforter all night, which is quite irritating. He goes in, then he gets warm and he comes out, then he gets cold and goes back in and so on. Does your dog do that too? This bag is great to just put on the bed over our comforter and let Ari get inside it. Its been a couple of nights since we tried it and it worked really well! As you can see, Ari is a snug little pug in that sleeping bag :)

This post is sponsored by The Company Store. All words and opinion are my own.