Who's My Mutter App


Ari is unusually tall and long compared to other pugs. We often get asked if he is a pug mix. So, when Who's My Mutter approached us to try out their app, we were very excited to put it to test. The app basically uses a state of art image recognition system that helps you find the breed of your pet. It aims to revolutionize the way we search for our pet's breeds.

It was fairly straightforward to use. All you have to do is take 2-3 photos of your pet - including a face shot and full body shot. Once you are done, you hit the show results button and you know the breed. Yes, its that simple! You can also share the results on Facebook. Ari's results came back as 'Pug' like we expected. 

There is one additional option which is 'Look for a friend'. This is something that I particularly liked about the app. You can search for dog breeds similar to yours at nearby shelters. We always love to promote dog products that give back to dogs in some way. We will definitely be using this search option when we are ready to bring home a sibling for Ari :)

whosmymutter-dogapp-breedrecognitionapp-dogbreedfinder-honeyidressedthepug-influencer-collab-doginfluencer-paidcollab-puglige-dogblog-dogmomblog-dogmom 5.jpg
whosmymutter-dogapp-breedrecognitionapp-dogbreedfinder-honeyidressedthepug-influencer-collab-doginfluencer-paidcollab-puglige-dogblog-dogmomblog-dogmom 3.jpg

This post has been sponsored by Who's My Mutter.