Oh Hi Ohhio!


It was on Instagram that we first stumbled upon an image of an Ohhio dog bed and fell in love! We later discovered more about this Ukraine based brand and were very inspired to have their beautiful designs in our home. So when Ohhio gifted us their dog bed and blanket for a product review, we were beyond excited to try them out.

Since a while, I have been on a lookout for dog bed, which is both great looking and comfortable. Ohhio dog bed definitely stood out because of its unique design. The entire bed has been handmade using cotton tubes filled with hollow fiber making it super soft and cozy. When the bed first arrived, Ari was a little skeptical like he is about anything new. But, once he got into the bed, I think he realized his dreams had come true ;) Anyone who has a pug knows that they love a good chin rest. The edges of Ohhio bed are perfectly raised for Ari to lay in there, rest his chin, watch everything around him and just chill. I also noticed that when he did not want to be disturbed and was sound asleep, he would just bury his face in the bed. Its like a ‘do not disturb’ sign. Usually dog beds turn out to be an eyesore in the living room, but this bed looks so pretty and in fact adds to the overall aesthetic. One of the things that I really like about the bed apart from the design, is the fact that its washable, makes life so much easier for us dog moms.

While Ari enjoys his bed, we humans get to enjoy the plush blanket. We chose a pink bed to add a pop of color to our living room, but we went with a neutral color for the blanket so it works with most of our linen. It just makes everything look so beautiful. As fall has officially kicked in, we have been using it to tuck in our feet while watching TV or while sleeping. Sometimes I also leave it on my work chair to keep me toasty while writing. I just love how versatile, beautiful and soft this blanket is! Ari of course wiggles his way into it every so often :)

Overall, Ari and I are both in love with our Ohhio products and highly recommend this brand for its design aesthetic as well as functionality.