Crate Revol-ution

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We recently got an opportunity to try the new Revol Crate from Diggs before its due to be out in the market. This crate is definitely a revolution in the world of ugly looking black wire crates that every new puppy parent has to endure during crate training. Revol looks sophisticated and minimal, its neutral coloring ensures that it blends well with any kind of home decor. But, this is just a tiny selling point when you compare it with some of its other revolutionary features.

The things that stood out for us and what we believe makes Revol so much better than standard crates are:

1. Double doors

A lot of pups continue using crates even after puppy training just because they get used to their own little space, their home. In this case, Revol has provided us with a door opening on the wider side of the crate in addition to the standard small door opening. This way the dog doesn't have to be confined to a small door entrance and can actually just hang out in his little home comfortably without feeling caged. 


2. Openings on top of the crate

Puppy crate training needs a lot of patience and reinforcing in order to succeed. Revol has made this easier, by giving two openings on top of the crate, which enable you to put your hand in and soothe your pup, without opening the door. As the door opens, puppy tries to wiggle out and it deters the training. These openings can also be used to give them treats from time to time. 

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3. Mobility

Personally, this was a feature that I loved the most. Anyone who has used a standard crate knows what a nightmare it is, to fold the crate and re-open. My fingers have been crushed in this process more than once. With Revol, this can be done in three easy smooth steps. And they have provided a little handle too, which helps you carry the crate like a suitcase. Its great when you are travelling and your dog likes to have his little home to make him feel comfortable in a new space. I know friends who carry their dogs crate wherever they go. Revol makes it very easy to do so.

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There was a serious need for a pet parent to use their personal experience and challenges faced using standard crates to come up with a solution. Zel Crampton the founder of Diggs has done so and made crates so much better for both parents and their fur babies.

Revol Crate has many other cool features such as dividers and matching accessories. You can check these out Diggs website below.

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