Good Bye London!

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And suddenly, you know its time to start a new chapter...

When we initially moved to London from New York, if someone asked me the question - what do you prefer New York or London, my answer without hesitation was New York. Fast-forward to three years later and now I know that its impossible to pick one, none can replace the other. In two weeks, we will be moving back to New York City! As excited as I am to see the city I love, I am also very sad to leave behind that London life. Its a bittersweet feeling.

We'll miss the pink doors and houses, our local park, walks by the Thames, our victorian style apartment, bay windows, the charming streets of West London and peering into beautiful houses, sitting on a double decker bus, magical little mews, evenings at the pub, our amazing friends, drinking in the parks, sharing a jug of Pimms, scones and clotted cream, overall we'll just miss being Londoners :(

But on a happy note, Ari will be going back to where he was born and I will be going to back to the city I fell in love with at the first sight! So in the next two weeks, we'll be checking things off our London bucket list while humming the lyrics of 'Empire State of Mind' :) We hope you enjoy following our transition and the start of this new chapter. 

P.S. Ari may have to tone down that British accent a tad bit.

london-westminster-wesminsterabbey-honeyidressedthepug-dogfashionblog-petfashionblog-dogblog-london-uk-dogsinclothes-humanandhound-humanandhoundfashion-puglife-londonpug-bestdogblog-topdogblog-stylishdogs-instafamousdogs 5.jpg
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london-westminster-wesminsterabbey-honeyidressedthepug-dogfashionblog-petfashionblog-dogblog-london-uk-dogsinclothes-humanandhound-humanandhoundfashion-puglife-londonpug-bestdogblog-topdogblog-stylishdogs-instafamousdogs 3.jpg
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All photos by Margarita Karenko (Going to miss you!)