Weekend In The Cotswolds


One of my all time favourite movies is The Holiday and favourite part of the movie (apart from Jude Law) is Kate Winslet’s little English countryside cottage. It’s always been my wish to live in one of those.

So when we arrived at The Cotswolds, late at night, and I opened the door to our cottage, I knew my wish had come true! This one was even better. Hubby earned a lot of brownie points for booking it. We were two couples and one Ari :) and this place was the perfect size.

Having always lived in the city, we've never had a backyard or outdoor space. So, when we discovered that we had one for the weekend, we were beyond excited. Ari ran to the backyard every morning and hung out while we had a two-hour long leisurely breakfast. It was just the perfect start to each day!


Cottage details here - https://www.character-cottages.co.uk/all-properties/cotswolds-all/star-cottage



This was one of those trips, where we didn’t have a set agenda, we took every day as it came, aim was to explore. On Day 1, we went to one of the villages closest to us – Stow-on-the-Wold. First impression was definitely a great one! So charming, pretty and quaint this little village was. It had a such great vibe. We walked around for a bit and decided to grab lunch at The Porsch House  a dog friendly pub with a restaurant section. Food was delicious with great veggie options!



Our second stop was at Bourton-on-the-water, a picturesque village with a series of parallel bridges with River Windrush running through them. This place is also known as the 'Venice of the cotswolds'. The bridges reminded me of Amsterdam a bit. Although the place was beautiful, the opportunity to get pictures without having to photoshop a million people out of my shot was limited. We were there in the middle of the day, would definitely recommend getting there early morning or late in the evening around sunset.


Cotswold Lavender, snowshill

One of the most exciting parts of our trip happened by chance on Day 2. I was looking for Poppy fields and couldn't find any online, so we asked one the locals if they knew of any and they said they didn't know of Poppy fields, but they knew a lavender farm. We had to go check it out of course! Unfortunately they are closed for tourists as of 6th Aug, as this is the peak harvest season and they don't want tourists around at that time. We got really lucky!



Arlington Row, Bibury

Arlington row is a row of cute little houses located in the village of Bibury. Its a famous architectural conservation sight, its photo is found on the inside cover of UK passports. The village also has some cute little tea shops. We stopped for a couple of pints at the local pub Catherine Wheel, a great vibe with locals mingling with the tourists. 


Castle Combe

On our last day, we decided to explore the village of Castle Combe before heading back to London. It seemed like we had saved the best for the last. This was definitely my favourite one amongst all the villages we saw. Every corner of this village was pretty and charming. We stopped by at the pub at The Castle Inn for a sponge cake and a few pints. Next time around we would love to spend a night in this beautiful little village.

Overall,Cotswolds was great to relax with an easy pace, but also explore and enjoy the outdoors. We highly recommend it!! xx

TRAVELMaitri Mody